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News, 3/28/2012

Finland’s new Nokia 

The game Angry Birds has become the most popular in the world, birds arrive also in Latvia
The initially created for Apple telephones, the game Angry Birds has materialized in various manifestations making even serious people return back to their childhood for a while. Fat birdies without wings were even placed on the plane of the Finnish national air line Finnair. And the Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Alexander Stubb has become the guardian of the game by demonstrating the new “Finland’s Nokia” to his cooperation partners in Europe and in Asia. The biggest Finnish producer of sweets Fazer is already working at making a new trade line Angry Birds.
Angry birds and cruel pigs have gained big popularity also in Latvia. Kiosk chain Narvesen has started the regular customers’ campaign during which one can get an angry bird after collecting a certain number of stickers.
To make one of the world’s popular mobile games the company Rovio Mobile needed almost 7 years. First 50 games created by the company was not success therefore the only possibility was to create a very successful 51st game or to close down the company. This was one of the most calculated games of the company. The customer who was looking for entertainment received the game which satisfied his needs – it is simple, a little bit childish, and quickly understandable and the cruel laughter of pigs when one has failed to reach the next level motivates to face another challenge.
Although initially the game was envisaged only for Apple i Product operating system after its launch in 2009 it became so popular that it was used also in Android telephones, Google Chrome and social net Facebook.
Representative of Latvia’s social net Janis Palkavnieks admits that if Rovio is interested they could offer the game also to the users of Until now such an interest has not been demonstrated.
In Helsinki there is the official Angry Birds shop and very soon the same shop will be opened also in China.
On March 22 the fans of the angry birds will receive the 4th game – Angry Birds Space.

Why is it a success story?
Eriks Stendzenieks , advertising specialist
The game Angry Birds is extremely simple and it contains primitive images. It would be possible to invent such a successful project also in Latvia. Hollywood and Silicon Valley got lost in million budget multi dimensional complicated games in which the payer got tired before he fully mastered them. The birds offered a commonplace story, simple performance which can be played even with the computer of 90-ties. Angry Birds is a chance to give a rest to your brain as well as writing in Twitter. No need to study rocket science, just look at the screen and move two fingers.
Juris Kaza, expert on computer technologies
I would say that Angry Birds is a story of perseverance. Before success came they had made a number of games but only by this one they hit the customer and the right market niche – angry birds have already conquered Narvesen, the film is coming and, no doubt, rock musicians dressed in feathers will appear soon. This time something very attractive and grotesque is being offered which has hit either the sub consciousness or the sense of playfulness.

By Dzeina Tamulevica

Newspaper Diena, March 9, 2012

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Updated 3/28/2012

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