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Kalpaka bulvaris 1
LV-1605 Riga, Latvia
Tel. +371-6707 8800
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The functions of the Embassy

The Embassy of Finland in Riga is part of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, whose mission concept is to promote the Finnish national interest abroad and to look after the interests and rights of Finnish citizens. The Embassy in Riga works to promote the development of relations between Finland and Latvia.

The Embassy is an official channel between the Governments of Finland and Latvia and represents also the extended Finnish Government. The Embassy prepares and takes care of contacts in political level and between the authorities of Finland and Latvia and promotes interaction and networking between the societies in different spheres of life. The Embassy follows and reports to Helsinki about Latvia's foreign-, security-, trade- and domestic politics as well as general developments in Latvia. 

The Embassy promotes Finnish business interests in Latvia and assists Finnish companies in their connections with Latvian authorities. 

The Embassy carries out the policy according to objectives of Finnish foreign policy, i.e. supporting Latvian membership in the EU, Latvian adaptation to the EU integration, social integration and development, consolidation of constitutional state, intensified cooperation among Nordic and Baltic states (NB8), cooperation in the Baltic Sea area, and further supporting the development of democracy, human rights and good governance. By neighbouring area cooperation Finland has assisted for example Latvian language training for non-citizens, development of border control system in accordance with EU standards, water sewage development and the establishment of the corruption prevention and control bureau.

The Embassy promotes the knowledge of Finnish culture in Latvia and supports in different ways cultural exchange, information and connections between the civil society in Finland and Latvia. The Embassy keeps close contact with the Finnish society in Latvia and together with them promotes the knowledge of Finland in Latvia.

With its consular services the Embassy assists Finnish citizens in Latvia in case someone has lost their passport or money. In addition the Embassy provides assistance in other government services like  official certificates, compulsory military service, inheritance, notary, etc.

The Embassy visa and work permit services provide assistance for the Latvian citizens and other permanent and temporary residents in Latvia. Latvian citizens do not need a visa to enter Finland, but the Latvian non-citizens and nationals of third countries will need it.

There are permanently four expatriates from Finland working at the Embassy and seven locally hired persons.

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